"Proud Professionals Educating Schools​"


​PPES provides professional development activities for classroom teachers in a variety of services.  Direct Services include classroom observations, coaching, modeling, demonstrations, meeting with departments or grade levels for lesson planning, and curriculum alignment.  Direct Services are provided on-site daily.  In addition, PPES also provides the following services:

Conducts a needs analysis/assessment for the entire school

Teams with students, parents, teachers, community, and administrators in making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Observes in all classrooms and the school to determine the progress of the implementation of the Continuous

Improvement ​Work Plan (CIWP) / School Improvement Plan

Coordinates relevant activities to assist leadership team/teachers in carrying out goals

Maintains up-to-date- files using monitoring/recording instruments

Makes recommendations to the school principal and leadership teams

Coordinates and assist in the implementation of recommendations

Facilitates professional development for parents and staff

Solve problems related to the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)

Assists and provides suggestions for appearance and overall classroom management

Aids teachers in developing and evaluating instructional program

Work with the administrators, classroom teachers, and other specialized personnel to direct, design and continually evaluate the overall instructional program.

Establishes and maintains interpersonal relationships with classroom teachers

Develop and conduct a series of seminars and demonstration lessons (modeling)

Provide support, classroom observations, detailed written feedback, and informal and instructional conferences.

Initiate and maintain communication in a non-threatening manner to successfully change the behavior of the person who receives specialized help

Provide strategies, and answers to questions related to the teaching of reading and reading taught        

throughout the content area, i.e., Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.

Maintain objectivity when working with teachers

Assist in the evaluation and selection of textbooks and other resource material

Performs other duties necessary to facilitate the achievement of the school goals, by

any means necessary​​