At PPES Inc., we're driven by a passion for education and a commitment to helping schools thrive. With a rich and diverse background in various educational roles, and with over 450+ Public, Private, Charter, Magnet, Montessori, STEM, Vocational, Special Education, Military, and Alternative schools in our portfolio, we've honed our expertise to specialize in providing comprehensive educational services that empower both schools and educational professionals.

As the "Guru of Education," we're known for our ability to tackle 99% of school-related issues. Whether it's improving discipline, increasing parental involvement, raising test scores, improving morale, enhancing attendance, or reducing discipline referrals, we have the solutions.

 If your school is facing challenges or seeking to enhance its educational outcomes, PPES Inc. is here to provide expert guidance and support. Let's work together to transform your educational institution into a thriving and successful environment.


Student Absenteeism

High rates of student absenteeism can impact academic performance. Our consulting company can analyze attendance data, identify root causes, and develop strategies to improve attendance through engagement programs, parent involvement initiatives, and tracking mechanisms.

Classroom Disruptions 

Disruptions hinder effective teaching and learning. We can provide classroom management training for teachers and offer strategies to create a positive and focused learning environment.

Teacher Shortages

Teacher shortages can affect instruction quality. We can help schools with recruitment strategies, provide support for alternative teacher certification programs, and advise on retaining educators.

Bullying and Harassment

Our consultants can assist in implementing anti-bullying programs, training staff on intervention techniques, and developing policies to create safe school environments.

Limited School Funding

We offer financial planning and grant-writing services to help schools maximize their resources, explore cost-saving measures, and secure additional funding.

Teacher Burnout

Addressing teacher burnout is essential for retaining quality educators. We can provide stress management programs, workload analysis, and strategies for fostering a positive school culture.

Technology Integration Issues

We can offer guidance on integrating technology effectively into the curriculum, providing training for teachers, and assessing the school's technology infrastructure.

Special Education Accommodations

Our consultants (with the parent's written permission) can help schools meet legal requirements for special education, develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and ensure inclusive classrooms.

Parental Involvement Barriers

We can assist in creating outreach programs to engage parents and guardians, improving communication channels, and organizing family-friendly events.

Lack of School Supplies

We can identify cost-effective ways to secure necessary supplies, explore partnerships with local businesses, and assist in resource allocation.

Curriculum Development and Updates

Our experts can work with schools to design and update curricula to align with educational standards and reflect best practices.

Standardized Testing Pressure

We can provide test preparation strategies, curriculum alignment support, and stress management techniques to help students and educators cope with testing pressure.

Student Mental Health Concerns

Our consultants can implement mental health awareness programs, train staff on recognizing signs of distress, and establish support systems for students.

Staff Professional Development Needs

We offer customized professional development plans, workshops, and training to enhance the skills and knowledge of teachers and staff.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

We can assist schools in creating diversity and inclusion programs, offering sensitivity training, and promoting equity and fairness.

Maintenance and Repair of School Facilities

We can conduct facility assessments, develop maintenance schedules, and help schools secure funding for repairs and upgrades.

School Safety and Security

We provide expertise in safety protocols, emergency planning, and security technology implementation to ensure a safe learning environment.

Teacher-Student Ratio Challenges

We can analyze class sizes, recommend strategies for optimizing ratios, and assist in hiring additional staff or utilizing volunteers.

Student Engagement Difficulties

Our consultants can suggest pedagogical approaches, technology tools, and extracurricular activities to boost student engagement.

Transportation Problems

We can evaluate transportation systems, recommend improvements, and help schools negotiate contracts with transportation providers.

Limited Access to Educational Resources

We can help schools identify and secure additional resources, including digital materials, textbooks, and educational partnerships.

Managing School Lunch Programs

We offer expertise in nutrition standards, menu planning, and cost-effective meal program management.

Attendance Tracking and Reporting

Our consultants can implement attendance tracking systems, analyze data for trends, and develop reporting mechanisms.

Teacher Evaluations and Accountability

We can assist in designing fair evaluation processes, setting performance benchmarks, and establishing accountability measures.

Maintaining a Positive School Culture

We offer strategies for fostering a positive school climate, including conflict resolution, communication, and community-building initiatives.

Coping with Budget Cuts

Our consultants can conduct financial audits, identify areas for cost savings, and help schools adapt to budget reductions.

Coping with Emergencies and Crises

We can develop crisis management plans, provide staff training, and facilitate communication during emergencies.

Struggling Students' Interventions

We can create intervention programs, provide tutoring services, and identify at-risk students for targeted support.

Balancing Extracurricular Activities

We can help schools manage extracurricular programs efficiently, allocate resources, and ensure a balance with academic priorities.

Technology Infrastructure Issues

Our consultants can assess infrastructure needs, plan upgrades, and implement technology solutions for improved connectivity and functionality.

School Policy Development and Adherence

We can assist in policy development, provide training on policy implementation, and monitor adherence.

Handling Teacher and Staff Disputes

We offer conflict resolution training, mediation services, and guidance on creating a positive work environment.

Addressing Cultural and Demographic Shifts

We can help schools adapt to changing demographics, develop culturally responsive curricula, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Promoting Parental Communication

We offer strategies to improve parent-teacher communication through regular meetings, digital platforms, and feedback mechanisms.

Student Health and Wellness Initiatives

We can develop wellness programs, provide training on health education, and address student health concerns.

Addressing Community Relations

We can facilitate community engagement, partnerships with local organizations, and public relations efforts to enhance school-community relationships.

Addressing Legal and Compliance Matters

Our consultants can ensure schools meet legal requirements, including special education laws, Title IX, and civil rights regulations.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

We can assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities, implement data privacy policies, and provide training on cybersecurity best practices.

Handling Substance Abuse Issues

We offer prevention programs, intervention strategies, and referrals for students dealing with substance abuse.

Student Bullying and Cyberbullying

We can implement anti-bullying programs, educate students on digital citizenship, and provide resources for dealing with cyberbullying.

Food Allergy Management

We can develop allergy management plans, educate staff, and create safe environments for students with food allergies.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Our consultants can develop recruitment strategies, improve onboarding processes, and create retention incentives for educators.

Addressing Learning Disabilities

We can assist in identifying learning disabilities, creating individualized support plans, and offering teacher training on inclusive practices.

Special Programs for Gifted Students

We can design enrichment programs, identify gifted students, and provide resources for differentiated instruction.

Providing Emotional Support for Students

We can implement counseling services, mental health awareness programs, and staff training on providing emotional support.

Managing Overcrowded Classrooms

We can recommend strategies for managing overcrowding, such as classroom reorganization and portable classrooms.

Responding to Social Media Challenges

We can provide guidance on social media policies, cyberbullying prevention, and crisis management related to online incidents.

Handling School Transportation Issues

Our consultants can assess transportation systems, optimize routes, and assist with contract negotiations.

Addressing Curriculum Gaps

We can identify curriculum gaps, recommend supplemental materials, and align curricula with state or national standards.

Navigating Changes in Educational Policies

We offer policy analysis, training on policy implementation, and guidance on adapting to evolving educational regulations.

“Proud Professionals Educating Schools”

"Proud Professionals Educating Schools​"