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(Support For Principals)


Assist the principal in ensuring the school's learning goals are based on the state's adopted student academic standards and the district's adopted curriculum

Assist the principal in ensuring student learning results are evidenced by the student performance and growth on statewide assessments; district-determined assessments that are implemented by the district and state

Assist the principal in enabling faculty and staff to work as a system focused on student learning and maintain a school climate that supports student engagement in learning

Assist principal to establish high expectations for learning growth by all students

Assist principal to engage faculty and staff in efforts to close learning performance gaps among student subgroups within the school

Assist principal to engage in data analysis for instructional planning and improvement

Assist the principal in clearly communicating the relationships among academic standards, effective instruction, and student performance

Assist principal in implementing the district's adopted curriculum and state's adopted academic standards in a manner that is rigorous and culturally relevant to the students and school

Assist principal to ensure the appropriate use of high-quality formative, summative and interim assessments aligned with the adopted standards and curriculum

Assist principal in establishing a focus on student and professional learning in the school that is clearly linked to the system-wide strategic objectives and the school improvement plan

Assist principal in evaluating, monitoring, and provide timely feedback to faculty on the effectiveness of instruction

Assist principal to recruit, develop and retain a high-quality faculty with the instructional proficiencies needed for the school population served

Assist principal in identifying faculty instructional proficiency needs, including standards-based content, research-based pedagogy, data analysis for instructional planning and improvement, and the use of instructional technology

Assist principal in implementing professional learning that enables faculty to deliver culturally relevant and differentiated instruction

Assist principal to provide resources and time to engage faculty in effective individual and collaborative professional learning throughout the school year

Assist principal to maintain a safe, respectful, and inclusive student-centered learning environment that is focused on equitable opportunities for learning and building a foundation for a fulfilling life

Assist all staff to recognize and use diversity as an asset in the development and implementation of procedures and practices that motivate all students and improve student learning

Assist principal to promote school and classroom practices that validate and value similarities and differences among students

Assist principal to provide recurring monitoring and feedback on the quality of the learning environment

Assist principal in initiating and supporting continuous improvement processes focused on the students' opportunities for success and well-being

Assist principal in recognizing and understanding cultural and developmental issues related to student learning by identifying and addressing strategies to minimize and/or eliminate achievement gaps

Assist principal in providing priority attention to decisions that impact the quality of student learning and teacher proficiency

Assist faculty to use critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to define problems and assist the principal to identify solutions

Assist principal in evaluating decisions for effectiveness, equity, intended and actual outcome; implements follow-up actions; and revises as needed

Assist faculty to use effective technology integration to enhance decision making and efficiency throughout the school

Assist principal to identify and cultivate potential and emerging leaders and empower others and distribute leadership when appropriate

Assist principal with providing evidence of delegation and trust in subordinate leaders

Assist principal in planning for succession management in key positions

Assist principal in promoting teacher-leadership functions focused on instructional proficiency and student learning

Assist principal in developing sustainable and supportive relationships between school leaders, parents, community, higher education, and business leaders
Assist the principal to organize time, tasks, and projects effectively with clear objectives and coherent plans

Assist principal to establish appropriate deadlines for him/herself and the entire organization

Assist principal to manage schedules, delegates, and allocates resources to promote collegial efforts in school improvement and faculty development

Assist principal to actively listen and learn from students, staff, parents, and community stakeholders and recognize individuals for effective performance

Assist principal in communicating student expectations and performance information to students, parents, and community

Assist principal to maintain high visibility at school and in the community and regularly engage stakeholders in the work of the school

Assist principal in creating opportunities within the school to engage students, faculty, parents, and community stakeholders in constructive conversations about important school issues

Assist principal to utilize appropriate technologies for communication and collaboration and ensure faculty receives timely information about student learning requirements, academic standards, and all other local state and federal administrative requirements and decisions

Assist principal to adhere to the Code of Ethics and the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession and all policies and laws governing schools

Assist principal to demonstrate resiliency by staying focused on the school vision and reacting constructively to the barriers to success that include disagreement and dissent with leadership

Assist principal to demonstrate a commitment to the success of all students, identifying barriers and their impact on the well-being of the school, families, and local community

 Assist principal to engage in professional learning that improves professional practice in alignment with the needs of the school system

 Provide training and support for short- and long-term substitute teachers

Provide daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly activities to increase teacher moral and comradery amongst staff.

Serves as a communication specialists/publicist to enhance the visibility and reputation of the school, and improve communication and strengthen relations with existing stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, staff, community, and district offices)

Assist principal with executing and documenting principal performance standards
Performance Standard 1: Instructional Leadership
Performance Standard 2: School Climate
Performance Standard 3: Human Resources Leadership
Performance Standard 4: Organizational Management 
Performance Standard 5: Communication and Community Relations
Performance Standard 6: Culturally Responsive and Equitable School Leadership
Performance Standard 7: Professionalism
Performance Standard 8: Student Academic Progress


​Performs other duties necessary to facilitate the achievement of the school goals, by any means necessary