Accepting the Challenges of Fatherhood
In this workshop, fathers will explore the unique challenges and joys of parenthood. They will discuss the role of fathers in child development and learn effective parenting strategies tailored to fathers' experiences.

What Fathers Will Learn: Fathers will learn how to build strong relationships with their children, navigate the challenges of fatherhood, and promote their children's emotional and social development.

Accepting the Challenges of Motherhood
Mothers will come together in a supportive environment to discuss the challenges and rewards of motherhood. This workshop will provide insights into maternal roles, self-care, and strategies for managing the demands of parenting.

What Mothers Will Learn: Mothers will gain strategies for self-care, balancing responsibilities, and fostering a nurturing and supportive home environment.

Accepting the Challenges of Being a Single Parent
Single parents face unique challenges. This workshop offers practical guidance and emotional support for single parents, helping them manage their roles effectively and build a strong support network.

What Parents Will Learn: Single parents will learn time management, coping strategies, and how to establish a support system to thrive as single caregivers.

Building Courage, Character, and Self-Esteem
Parents will explore strategies for nurturing their child's self-esteem and character development. This workshop will focus on instilling courage and resilience in children.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to boost their children's self-esteem, foster character development, and help children face challenges with confidence.


Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs
This workshop equips parents with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate effectively for their child with special needs within the education system and beyond.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to navigate the special education system, understand their child's rights, and advocate for appropriate services and accommodations.

IEP Goals 101: A Guide for Monitoring Student Learning
Parents will gain a comprehensive understanding of Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and learn how to effectively monitor their child's progress.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to set and track IEP goals, ensuring their child receives the tailored support they need for academic success.

Understanding Your Child's Learning Style
This workshop explores the concept of different learning styles and helps parents identify their child's unique learning preferences.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will discover how to tailor their support and teaching methods to match their child's individual learning style, optimizing their learning experience.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Making Progress?
Description: Parents will learn how to assess and monitor their child's progress in various aspects of development and education, ensuring they are on the right track.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain tools to track their child's development, identify areas of improvement, and collaborate with teachers for academic success.


Interactive Reading: Building Blocks for Reading Skills
This workshop focuses on interactive reading techniques that lay the foundation for strong reading skills in children, making learning engaging and enjoyable.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will discover techniques to make reading interactive and fun, nurturing their child's love for books and literacy.

Helping Children Develop Friendships and Social Skills
Parents will learn how to support their child in developing essential social skills and building positive friendships, promoting their overall well-being.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain strategies to help their children navigate social interactions, build friendships, and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Raising Responsible Children
This workshop delves into effective methods for instilling responsibility and accountability in children, preparing them for adulthood.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn strategies to teach responsibility, foster independence, and equip their children with essential life skills.


Helping Your Child Learn to Read
Discover effective methods and activities to assist your child in developing strong reading skills and a love for reading.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn techniques for supporting their child's reading development and making reading an enjoyable family activity.

Math and Literacy Workshops: Basic Grammar, Family Math, Kindergarten Literacy, Creating Literacy-Rich Environments
These workshops cover fundamental concepts in grammar and math, equipping parents to help their children excel in language and mathematics.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain a foundational understanding of grammar and math concepts and learn how to create an environment that fosters literacy and numeracy skills.


Collaborating with the Community
Explore the benefits of community collaboration and learn how to engage with local resources to support your child's education and development.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to tap into community resources to enhance their child's educational experience and personal growth.

Understanding Common Core
Gain insights into the Common Core educational standards and how they impact your child's curriculum and learning experience.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will understand the Common Core standards and how to support their child's education in alignment with these standards.

School Level Organizations (PAC/LSC/PTA/PTO/PTSA)
Understand the roles and importance of parent-led organizations within the school community and how you can get involved.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to engage with school-level organizations to advocate for their children's educational needs and contribute to school improvement efforts.


Special Education Laws, Process, and the IEP
Gain a comprehensive understanding of special education laws, the IEP process, and your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will become well-informed advocates for their child's special education needs, understanding the legal framework and processes involved.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Discipline
Description: Learn positive strategies for intervening in and disciplining challenging behavior, promoting a healthy and nurturing environment.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will acquire effective strategies for managing challenging behavior in children while maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Prescription for Homework Headaches

Discover solutions for common homework challenges and create a structured and effective homework routine for your child.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain strategies to make homework time productive and less stressful for both themselves and their children.


Life Skills: Personal Financial Management
Acquire essential life skills related to personal financial management, ensuring your child's financial literacy and future stability.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to teach financial responsibility to their children, fostering good money management habits.

Life Skills: Health & Fitness
Foster a healthy lifestyle in your child by teaching them essential life skills related to health and fitness.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will discover how to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle for their children, including nutrition and physical activity.


Domestic Violence Prevention
Learn about domestic violence prevention strategies to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain knowledge about recognizing and preventing domestic violence, and creating a safe home environment for their children.

What to Do When Your Child Is Bullied
Discover effective steps to take if your child is facing bullying, helping them navigate and overcome this challenging experience.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will learn how to recognize signs of bullying, support their children, and collaborate with schools to address and prevent bullying.


Leadership 101: Parents
Learn the basics of effective leadership as a parent, empowering you to advocate for your child's educational and developmental needs.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will develop leadership skills to effectively advocate for their children, both in the education system and the community.

How to Start Your Own Business
Discover the steps and strategies for starting your own business while balancing the demands of parenthood, and providing for your family's future.

What Parents Will Learn: Parents will gain entrepreneurial skills and insights to explore business opportunities while managing family responsibilities.

Professional Development Opportunities for Parents

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