"Proud Professionals Educating Schools​"


“Proud Professionals Educating Schools”

Every fall, new and veteran students, parents, teachers, and administrators arrive on campus excited and full of hope. PPES has been right there to witness the sense of pride, purpose, hard work, commitment, accomplishments, and success stories.  PPES has been very instrumental in providing exceptional resources and support to schools. 

​At PPES Inc., we're driven by a passion for education and a commitment to helping schools thrive. With a rich and diverse background in various educational roles, and with over 450+ Public, Private, Charter, Magnet, Montessori, STEM, Vocational, Special Education, Military, and Alternative schools in our portfolio, we've honed our expertise to specialize in providing comprehensive educational services that empower both schools and educational professionals.

​As the "Guru of Education," we're known for our ability to tackle 99% of school-related issues. Whether it's improving discipline, increasing parental involvement, raising test scores, improving morale, enhancing attendance, or curriculum development, we have the solutions.

If your school is facing challenges or seeking to enhance its educational outcomes, PPES Inc. is here to provide expert guidance and support. Let's work together to transform your educational institution into a thriving and successful environment.

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